Thorns of Rosewood Amazon Review

If you click the link above, it takes you to the Amazon page where a reader gives me a 5-star review and says this about my book, Thorns of Rosewood:

“This woman can write!! And tell a great story too. I wish I could give it more stars. The characters all come across as very real people with their own joys and sorrows, triumphs and tragedies. Great reading.”

The person who left the review, I only know as, Kindle Customer. It could be a guy or a gal, an older person or a younger person, someone from the little Nebraska town next to mine, or someone from across the world. I don’t know, and I probably never will. It’s exciting to get reviews from complete strangers. Especially positive ones. So far, since the ad for my book, Thorns of Rosewood, ran last week on BookBub, I’ve received eighteen new reviews, and all but one were four and five stars.

To everyone who picked up Thorns of Rosewood free (59,978 of you!), I say THANK YOU SO MUCH!! To those who after the free day was over, bought the book (216 of you!) I say THANK YOU EVEN MORE!! To the 594 people who bought Book 2 in the Rosewood series, Flames of Rosewood, I am ever so grateful!! And my reader stats show that 97,224 pages of Thorns have been read since the promotion. Wow.

To all the writers out there who are thinking about buying a BookBub ad, I’d encourage you to keep trying until they accept you. I’ve earned three times what I paid for it. But, oh, for the new readers—that is the true benefit! What a joy. My thoughts are running through their minds as they read. That’s quite a connection, now, isn’t it?!

Oh, and just for the fun of it, here is a screen shot of my ranking on Amazon during the promotion. For a little moment in time, I was number 1!






  1. This was so good to see the results. I’ve always wondered if it was worth the money and am so glad for all the positive reviews you received. Good job and thanks again for always sharing your bumps and thrill rides along your writing journey. It’s so helpful.

  2. I was thrilled to see the success you had. Well done. I just peeked over at Amazon and saw your new reviews. Wow, what a way to make an author’s day! It’s a great book, and it’s wonderful to see it get a larger audience. The positive reviews speak volumes. Congrats!!

    • says:

      Me, too. This is a good form of promotion for Indie authors. I hope people will see my numbers and feel confident about using it as a tool to let people know about their books.

    • says:

      Murder on Edisto is going to be a huge promo since you already have a big following. I’ll watch for it and share it, too!

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