TADA!!! Here is the cover of my next book. This is the second book in the Rosewood series. I’ve named it, Flames of Rosewood.

I literally wrote the last sentence today and sent it out for people to beta read. Hopefully, by the end of January this book will be in an editor’s capable hands. If all goes right with the world, Flames of Rosewood will be available for sale by March 1st. Fingers crossed.

In book two, the life and times of Gloria Larson in the small town of Rosewood, Nebraska, continues. You’ll meet new characters and Gloria and her Thorns will have new mysteries to solve. The ending put a smile on my face when I wrote it. The very ending has a surprise that leaves me itching to start writing Book Three!

Now is a good time to read Thorns of Rosewood as the digital version is now on sale for .99 cents! (Normally $2.99) Read Thorns first, then when Flames comes out, you’ll be ready!

Buy Thorns of Rosewood for .99 cents on Amazon for Kindle, B&N for Nook, or Smashwords for any format. Happy reading and spread the word—Flames of Rosewood is coming out soon!

15 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL!

  1. Gina, First let me say how excited I was to receive your signed copy of Thorns of Rosewood in the mail last week. I read the digital version and thought the cover was great but when I received the book in the mail and had the chance to see the cover in person, run my fingers over it, see how the blood oozed onto the back cover … I thought it was even more amazing.

    Now I see this cover and wow! So telling. Can’t wait to reread the first one so I’ll be ready for Book 2 when it comes out. Thanks again and Congrats!!!

  2. Oh my friggin gosh, that cover is gorgeous! I swear you ought to enter your covers in the EPIC cover contests. My publisher wins several genres every year. These are so worthy! Fantastic!

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