FallIt’s October 22nd and 60 degrees outside with a little wind. I normally run hot, but today I’ve got the shivers. Probably because the sky is gray, and it reminds me of days to come when hats and gloves and winter coats will become a necessity. It’s a soup day, to be sure. A day for my cat to cuddle on my lap and for me to keep a blanket nearby. Hard to believe, but last Saturday it was almost 100 degrees. That’s Nebraska for you.

But it’s still the Autumn season, even though it appears to be nearing its end. From my window, I can see a wall of golden cornstalks, shaking in the wind. Soon, the roar of a combine will cut the wall down and, once again, I’ll see across the field as it lays cold and barren. The little Ash tree just beside the patio has merely a handful of leaves clinging to the spindly branches. They’ll lose their fight and drop to the still-green grass, joining the hundreds of others already there.

The weather changes on a dime here in the Cornhusker state, so we could very well be bringing back out our shorts and tank tops yet again before real winter erases the fall. But this day is for purring cats, an extra cup of coffee, and writing.

For me, autumn and winter mean writing, and that puts a smile on my face. I give myself permission to cozy up with my laptop and tap out scenes and dialogue and fuss over sentence structure. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll squeak out some decent chapters to finally take to my writing groups. It’s been a while.

Even though the land is about to be gleaned of its harvest, the trees bare of their leaves, and the grass a dull shade of brown—in terms of writing, for me, it’s spring. Ideas are growing and the time is upon me to plant the stories I’ve been tinkering with in my mind. Wish me luck. It’s not easy typing with cats laying on my keyboard, but they sure do stare at the computer screen with great interest. I’ll take their loud purring as encouragement and type on.Photo on 10-22-15 at 2.41 PM #2

11 thoughts on “FALL IS FOR WRITING

  1. What beautiful, evocative writing, Gina! You painted perfectly an autumn scene. I can feel the changes in my toes, too. Wool socks and a fire. And, of course, a yellow tablet, on my lap. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. “But this day is for purring cats, an extra cup of coffee, and writing.”—That sounds so lovely. Make mine tea instead of coffee, and that’s where I’d like to be too. Of course, I need a cat first… (Hubs is too allergic. 🙁 )

    Wonderful post, Gina.

  3. Hi Gina,

    Nice post. It’s raining and cold here and my basement wall is still open–in fact my whole house is open to the outside because they’re running in and out through the cellar trapdoor. I’m in my office on the upper floor trying to ignore the chaos.

    I didn’t intend to participate in NaNoWriMo, but the ideas I got from my partner in that collaborative exercise at the conference have me pumped up and I’m writing character profiles this week. I’ve got a beginning and the start of an end, but no outline. But its fall and I picked the last peppers this morning. Maybe, just maybe, I can be ready.

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