It’s been a while, but this week I officially rejoined the working world. I have been enjoying a sabbatical from working for others. I’ve been my own boss for the last seven years. During my non-working years, I’ve taught myself how to write books, and that has kept me quite busy. Probably because I did what I always do. I got involved. Joined writing groups. Met a ton of new friends. It’s been great. And I’m not done. Six books under my belt, and one more I’m fussing over like a perfectionist, which honestly, I’m not, is just the beginning. I have more stories floating around in my head. But, the truth simply is, my time to write will be cut down quite a bit and so, I’m going to need to learn how to juggle.

Oddly enough, I actually do know how to juggle. Like with actual balls. In the air. No, I’m not good at it, but I used to, once upon a time, be able to cross over juggle and circle juggle. Only 3 balls, but hey, it was still juggling.

There have been times in my life when I juggled as many as three jobs at once. And certainly, when my kids were young and I had my photography studio, I juggled owning a business while raising kids. But, it’s been some time since I’ve tried to keep things up in the air without letting them fall. It gets harder as I get older. Mostly because I can’t remember anything as easily as I once did.

My hope is that by working, my memory and ability to think quickly and accomplish things will return. I think it will. It’s like riding a bike, right?

So, after my first week of work, these are some of the things I had forgotten:

  • One does not just make copies. One fights with a copy machine.
  • Copy Machines and Duplos do not fight fair. They have ink as their weapon. My fingers are covered with it today.
  • Paper does not instinctively want to go around rollers and get spit out. It has a mind of its own and likes to wander off and get all jammed up.
  • When learning new thing, one can never find a whole piece of paper to jot a note on. Only small notes sized pieces.
  • When you write on a note-sized piece of paper, say a really important number someone is going to call and ask for, you WILL lose that piece of paper. This is 100% guaranteed.
  • Computers are the devil. You will have a battle royale with Windows 8. It will not be pretty.

Although I’m now occupied with working 13 hours a week as my church’s Parish Assistant (so seriously, I can’t even swear at the copy machine when it jams) I intend to keep writing. I’ll just have to learn how others do it while working day jobs. In other words, it’s time for me to dust off my juggling skills. We’ll see if this old dog can still hunt.

4 thoughts on “Juggling

  1. Congratulations on the new job! I’m sure you’ll excel at it like you do everything else you tackle. And if you master Windows 8, then you really are a superstar. 🙂 (I haven’t seen Windows 8 yet, but I’ve heard terrible things about it.)

    • ginabarlean@gmail.com says:

      My biggest problem with copy machines is that I have it in my mind they are supposed to be very simple. So, I just start pushing buttons. What I should probably do is sit down and read the manual and take it slow.

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