Less Traveled Roads Publishing


I am proud to be an independently published author.

Less Traveled Roads Publishing is my imprint. I do the same things small press publishers do:

I work with other writing professionals to ensure my books are as well written as possible. I run my books through beta testers to make sure readers will enjoy the content. I hire excellent professional editors and professional book cover artists. I format all of my manuscripts for both print and digital publication and I upload the prepared documents to digital retail outlets such as Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. I also pay to have my books printed on demand through a printing company called CreateSpace. My books all have ISBN numbers and are available digitally and in print to all libraries.

At this time, Less Traveled Roads Publishing is not accepting manuscripts from other authors, but may consider publishing high quality Indie Books by other authors in the future. Until that time, Less Traveled Roads Publishing is not accepting manuscript submissions.

To learn more about Less Traveled Roads Publishing, please visit the website by clicking the logo at the top of this page.