Malcolm’s Choice

The picture above is old. Maybe 29 years old. Something like that. It’s of me at maybe 22, and my dog Malcolm. I’m laying on a super-cheap couch Steve and I bought for our first home; an old two-story farmhouse belonging to the family my husband worked for as a hired hand.

Malcolm had quite the history in my family. He first belonged to my sister, Gwen and her husband John. I believe they owned him when they lived in St. Joseph Missouri. Then they had their first child, Jackie, and I think that was the reason behind Gwen and John bringing Malcolm to live at my parent’s farm… on which I was living too… at the time I was probably 14 years old.

Malcolm was a Labrador, and anyone who has had labs knows they have great personalities. That dog was like the cool guy at the party. He had all kinds of swagger and strut and I spent a lot of time hugging on that dog. He was an excellent listener.  I completely trusted Malcolm.

Honestly, I don’t remember much about my teen years. I know Malcolm didn’t like every guy I dated. He barked at some and wouldn’t let others pet him. I remember saying I wouldn’t marry a guy unless Malcolm approved of him. Well, I held to my word. Along came Steve and lo and behold, Malcolm didn’t as much as bark at him. He loved Steve right from the beginning. So did my mom now that I think of it. I remember getting head to head with that dog. I said, “This one? Are you sure?” His tail wagged.

Our wedding day

Our wedding day

That dog did not steer me wrong. I haven’t always realized it, but Steve is just what the dogtor ordered… sorry, couldn’t resist the bad pun. My husband married me 31 years ago today. I’m lucky to have him. And I’m very glad I listened to my good old dog, Malcolm!

10 thoughts on “Malcolm’s Choice

  1. Dogs are so smart! We are lucky to have such lovely and kind creatures in our lives. Malcolm sounds like he knew a lot about human nature. After all, he approved of Steve.

  2. I love this story.

    I don’t in the least doubt that dogs can pick up on things that matter about people. I don’t think it’s ESP, just that they’re very observant. They don’t have language, so they can’t be fooled by words that run counter to what is underneath the words. We can read the same signs, but we’re easily distracted by more superficial things. If you spend much time with a person, though, you can usually tell – if you’re at all sensitive to those signs. I would bet you were reading them in Steve and getting good vibes, just as Malcolm was. I would guess that the dog was reading your reaction to Steve at the same time you were reading the dog’s reaction to Steve – and to you. When everything was positive in all those different directions, it just had to be a good thing!

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