Nutrisystem Update

Well, it’s my third week on the Nutrisystem plan. I have positives and negatives to report.

The positives first.

The first week’s Turbo Plan is great. It prepares you to eat less and it removed the need to plan and buy foods or think about meals. It gives you a start, and that’s often one of the hardest parts for me. Plus, you see some immediate results, and that gives you hope.

The second week I almost had myself convinced the food wasn’t bad and I could do this for months and months. By the end of the second week, I’d lost ten pounds (not a true ten though, and you’ll see why later.) I have a very long way to go, but I already feel quite a bit better and have more energy. I’m very hopeful I can learn new eating habits. I like the six small meals lifestyle. I’m getting used to small portions. I think I can become a grazer, rather than a big meal twice-a-day kind of person.

Now, here are the negatives.

Last week I caught a stomach bug (I’m still not feeling quite right) and didn’t eat at all for one day because I just couldn’t (lost 2 pounds that day, but it wasn’t a real 2 pounds and didn’t stay off.) The second day of the bug, I tried some food, but didn’t keep it down, so again avoided eating. The third day I began observing the regular schedule Nutrisystem provides, but nothing tasted good. And by that, I mean, it all tasted absolutely horrible.

I remember when I was a little kid, my mother made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. It was so good, I ate too much of it then became sick and threw up the cake. I still can’t eat carrot cake and can’t stand cream cheese frosting. Just looking at it rolls my stomach. So, when you get sick, you tend to remember the taste of the last thing you ate, and you just don’t want that food again.

Because Nutrisystem food all tastes kind of the same… like there’s some kind of process or protein they put in it and it all has a specific after-taste, now I just can’t enjoy the food. Truthfully, I can just barely stand to eat it. Not that it could have been classified as enjoyable to begin with. Oh no. Not tasty at all. But, I was on board with learning a mind-set of food being fuel, not fun. Yet. Here I am, three weeks in, and I can hardly even stand to eat the food. So, I’ll finish up what I have… begrudgingly… and I ordered some ala carte items because I enjoyed the Nutricrush bars and the turbo shakes, and I’m going to try to learn to eat regular food in the way Nutrisystem sets up a daily schedule. I plan to keep doing small portions, and eating specific things six times a day—protein mid-morning and mid-afternoon, a carb mid-afternoon, lots of water, etc.

Fingers crossed. I didn’t think I’d go off the plan after a month, but the food is just so darn horrible. I can’t recommend the food at all. But, I like the tracking system, and I like the way the meals are structured, and I have a far better understanding of protein, carbs, and portions.

I’ll keep you posted. I clearly need to change my relationship with food. There’s a lot in the world to do and see and enjoy, and food should be what fuels me to do those things. It shouldn’t be my main source of entertainment.

12 thoughts on “Nutrisystem Update

  1. tricia Lynne says:


    Eating small meals is the way to go. Especially filled with protein. Keep at it, you will be fine. Good luck. At least I know I won’t try Nutrisystem.
    Miss you,


  2. Sorry you got sick. Too bad you weren’t eating mashed potatoes and milk gravy at the time.

    As to portion control, I almost never use my dinner plates any more. The luncheon plates make smaller portions look bigger. It’s all psychology anyway, isn’t it? Works for me anyway.

  3. Victorine says:

    Oh, stink! So sorry you got sick and now the food tastes bad to you. I remember when my Mom was on it thinking that all the food had the same aftertaste. I totally get not being able to eat it now. 🙁 I know you can keep going with the knowledge and eating regular food, and you can do it!

  4. I think your plan sounds good and I wish you good luck with it.
    The thing about the brain making an association between nausea and whatever was last eaten is probably something that evolved to protect us from poisoning ourselves. Of course it can backfire if the nausea had nothing to do with the food. Evolved designs aren’t necessarily perfect.

  5. Sue B says:

    I think I mentioned that very thing–the food is bad. When I see the commercials with Marie Osmond saying how she lost 50 lbs on Nutrisystem, I think about how she just says “Nutrisystem” not Nutrisystem FOOD. I joke, “Marie, You lost because you couldn’t stand to eat the food so you ate nothing and lost weight.”

    I had leftover Nutrisystem meals that I threw away. I thought about giving them to the food bank but decided not to put those poor people through that!

    I agree with Carrie about Weight Watchers and eating “real” food. I’d also tried Jenny Craig which was better than Nutrisystem, but after awhile, their food seemed boring and tasteless, too (although not repulsive!)

    I admire you for not giving up. I think portion control is key (but hard to do.) I hope it goes well and success finds you. You are an amazing person and blessed to have you as a friend.

    • says:

      I think I can eat the rest of it, sparingly, but the program wants you to eventually go off the food and learn to eat on your own, so I’m going to implement that, but use the tools, which I think are good. Yes… for sure, I just eat what I have to of the food. Thanks for the support and Happy Birthday, Susan!!

  6. Hard to stick with something that isn’t palatable. I think people like Weight Watchers for that reason: they can eat normal food but just have to keep track of points.

    Sorry you were sick. Never fun to have the pukes and the poops. And sorry it tainted your experience with Nutrisystem, but I totally get it. There are smells and foods I associate with my pregnancies that I still can’t tolerate years later!

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