Ode to Snow

I should have pictures of snow. Or at least of my cat in the snow. There’s plenty outside to photograph. Plenty of cats, too. The problem is, I keep trying to open my doors to go outside and they creak and push against little drifts of icy-nastiness at which point, I give up. When it comes to cold snow, I cede to it almost immediately. “I give… you win! Uncle!!”

This white wonderland outside my window is best left to look at. Certainly not something I want to play in. Snowshoeing. Snow Skiing. Sledding. Cross country skiing. Building snowmen or snow forts or having snowball fights. Go for it. I’ll stay inside and make you some soup and hot cocoa. That’s my job. Maybe I’ll write a little poem for you. An ode to snow.

As a matter of fact, I have a concoction of Northern Beans, diced tomatoes, spinach, Italian Sausage, chicken breast, in a nice turkey broth on the stove right this very minute. (Yes, that’s home-made broth. Oh, and I seasoned it with parsley, thyme, and basil from the summer garden.) Smell good? Oh yeah. Smells great. I’ll eat it while I look out the window at the snow. I’ll feed it to my husband who is out being “King of Snow.” Teaching it a lesson. Blowing it and scooping it. He’s winning, too. He’ll teach that snow to pile up in our driveway. I am watching him and very, very glad to be in, and not out. Warm, and not cold. Thank you, Hubby.

Now, here’s my ode to snow.

You’re wet, and cold, I am not sold, on winter sports and frolic.

I’ll stay inside where I can hide, cause snow just gives me colic.

The end.

P.S. Enjoy the picture of my cat. That is all. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

18 thoughts on “Ode to Snow

  1. Maybe we should say “ode” to cold weather, “ode” to snow on my deck, “ode” to all of the ways we can enjoy this white stuff! Thanks, Gina!

  2. Ha ha! I agree whole-heartedly with your ode to snow. We have rain right now–no snow to be seen anywhere. I’m okay with that, but my hubby is not. He has to take scouts camping this weekend, but it’s hard to do snow camping when it’s rainy, soggy instead. That’s just cold, miserable camping. He’s wishing we had snow, and his ode might be more joyful if there were.

  3. Loved your poem! And once again, I wonder if we’re the same person. Like you, I have endless snow outside my window, and like you, I just made up a soup that’s simmering in my crockpot now. I used Great Northern beans and diced tomatoes in mine as well. It’s pasta fagioli with a few extras added. Now just need to get some fresh bread from the market, and my dinner will be all set. Oh wait, that means going out in the snow. Hmm, back to square one…

  4. I had to go out and scoop a BUNCH of it this morning. At least the wind wasn’t blowing like yesterday when I went to rehearsal (Heartland Singers). By the time I got into my hoodie and insulated coveralls and boots and two pair of gloves . . . well, you know.

    • ginabarlean@gmail.com says:

      Ugh. That sounds terrible! We were stranding in Lincoln overnight, but I really never had to be out working in it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    That soup sounds good.
    I have decided the best approach to snow is admiration and patience. I admire its power to convert the world and blanket the flaws. An I have patience for the warmer days to come that will kick off the white comforter. And then back to admiration for revealing everything old as new again.

  6. Carol Weber says:

    Fun post, and fun ode, Gina! Mark’s trying to persuade me that our usual Monday-morning trek to the gym is still a good idea on this cold day, but I haven’t yet heard anything that’s making me agree. Some days are simply meant to be enjoyed from inside the windows!

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