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If you go to this URL: , it will take you to the website for the radio station, KZUM, a non-commercial, non-profit, listener sponsored community radio station.  You’ll find it at 89.3 MHz on the FM band. KZUM features an evening radio program called, “The Platte River Sampler.” It offers writings and readings from the state of Nebraska, and it airs every Thursday, 6-7 p.m. You’ll hear everything from original prose, poetry, drama, songwriting and more, all from Nebraska and often delivered by the authors themselves.

If you go to the website you’ll find out Nebraska artists can submit your own works. I submitted a beginning portion of my book Thorns of Rosewood, and last night it aired. It was quite a bit of fun hearing someone read my words, and although it made me nervous, I will say it was also fun to be interviewed. I don’t think I sounded like too much of a goofball, so I’m breathing a sigh of relief.

Here is the MP3 of the actual story. It takes 11:20 minutes to listen to and I will say, it’s been cut and doesn’t read exactly as my book reads. You’ll get the general idea of the story, though.

Below is the MP3 of the interview. This has also been cut and only takes 3:28 minutes to listen to. I am thankful to KZUM for eliminating all the drivel and making me sound like a relatively normal human being.

Enjoy listening, and enter your own short works if you’ve a mind to. It’s free and it’s painless. Support the arts in Nebraska! Thank you KZUM for what you offer writers of all varieties!

Oh! And if you want to buy Thorns of Rosewood, that would be cool. Share this blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more if you would be so kind! Thorns of Rosewood is now .99 cents. Book 2, Flames of Rosewood will be coming out in March!

12 thoughts on “Platte River Sampler

  1. lucy adkins says:

    This is so great, Gina! Thanks for sharing the MP3 and for the encouragement for people to submit their own work–and to listen. The Sampler is a wonderful asset to the Lincoln community–and to the writing community, as well.

  2. Gina, I’m so proud of you. The reading impressed me and opened the mystery of this young woman facing so many questions. Great work on your part.

    I sent in the first chapter of “Who Be Charlie B? and they liked it. They are doing it as a radio play and so I don’t know when yet. But, they’ll be having some Nebraska actors doing it.

    It’s gratifying to know that KZUM promotes Nebraska talent.

    • says:

      Thank you. Good for you! I love this idea of combining actors and writers. I’d really like to have my own radio program. Now if I could only think of what premise I’d use!

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