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Oh sigh. I must opine. Well, must… no, a gun isn’t at my head. But sometimes this old brain of mine gets stuck on something, like a record that skips.

My question for the day is, “What’s Wrong With Facebook?”

My answer is, “The same thing that’s wrong with real life. Poor Communication Skills.”

We all go to a party with a smile on our face and the hope of fun discussions and lots of laughs with people we know and plan to meet. But, not every party is that much fun. Sometimes people get snippy for whatever reason. They disagree with each other, or they just have a bee in their bonnets. The moon isn’t aligned with Jupiter, or whatever. Sometimes people are being too careful, other times, not careful enough.

I guess people are simply good sometimes and bad sometimes. Some days we’re compassionate and considerate of how we affect others. Some days, we are more selfish and want our own way or prove we’re smarter so we can feel better about ourselves, I suppose. Some days we feel forgiving, and other days we put our foot down and say, “No. Not okay!”

This is why we have manners, etiquette, and rules for professional behavior. We’re supposed to say please and thank you, be a good hostess, an appreciative guest, thoughtful of other’s feelings, careful not to be rude, not just on social media, but also in real life.

Of course, there isn’t a great deal of that going on in real life, so Maybe I’m being old-fashioned suggesting it should be observed on social media, I suppose. The only thought I’d like to emphasize is that Facebook or Twitter or whatever brand of social media you’re using, is just another tool to communicate. It’s no different than when we write letters or call people on the phone. Seriously. I see no difference at all other than the format. Maybe someone will enlighten me as to why it’s just not the same as “back in the good old days” when we drank out of hoses and rode our bikes till the sun set, then went home for supper.

And just like with letters and phone calls, there are times when it’s fine to be casual, and other times when it’s important to be more formal. My opinion is that it’s never a good time to be unkind or thoughtless of other’s feelings. Does it happen? Sure. Have I done it. Yup. (looks down, shoves hands in pocket and kicks the dirt with the toe of my shoe.)

No matter if it’s electronic communication such as texting or Instagram, or social media such as Facebook, or even if it’s a letter written in  pen, or a message spoken into a telephone, or a face to face discussion… it’s all the same beast: communication. If you wouldn’t stand in front of someone and say it… don’t say it anywhere else. Be nice. Share your toys. Don’t kick sand in the other kid’s faces. Don’t be a bully. Behave. And most importantly, Don’t make me turn this car around!!!

2 thoughts on “Play Nice

  1. I love this post! I wish more people would take the time to think through what they’re going to say before they put something up on the internet. I heard it said that people don’t remember what you said as much as how you made them feel. (I can’t think of who said that, but it’s something that always stuck with me.)

    • says:

      That’s so true. You can smile and laugh all you want, but if you insult someone, it leaves a sort of bruise.
      Thanks for commenting!

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