I found this quote by Bill Gates: “I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user.”

This has proved incredibly true for me.Thanks to my computer, I have access to videos and white papers, emails to visit with my friends to get advice, all while I type away in a word document. Think of how fast this allows the world to move now? It’s amazing.

Thanks to the Internet and computers, we now have the world of independent publishing. I can do something that in earlier generations was much more difficult. I do not have to leave my house to publish a book. I don’t have to pay a vanity press to do it for me, or beg an agent to pitch it to a publishing house. I can write it. Hire a professional editor online and email it to them. I can hire a professional cover designer and take care of every ounce of business related with bringing that cover to fruition. I can format the book for print or digital, all on my computer. I can upload it to be printed and in a couple of weeks it shows up at my door in a box via postal service. I can upload the document to Amazon where within 24 hours; it’s available for sale. I can then go to my computer and the Internet where I can, for free, promote my book on my blog, my website, on Twitter and Facebook and a variety of other social media outlets. I can meet other writers all over the country and world where I can get advice or assistance with promoting my books. Independent publishing is an obvious and organic response for those of us who want to write books and have the skills to use computers and the Internet.

Yet, we have a responsibility to create good work; we need to make sure our story is ready for print. And ultimately, whether a book is traditionally or independently published, the reading public is who decides a books success. It doesn’t matter how much money a big traditional publishing house puts behind the promotion of a famous author’s book… if the reading public doesn’t like it, they won’t buy it. In the same token, if an independent author writes a great book, the word gets around far more quickly in this social media world than it ever would have in the past. What a wonderful, wonderful world.



  1. Not only can I not imagine life without a computer, I can’t imagine it without a laptop! I often work in my car while I’m waiting for my son or daughter’s lessons to finish up.

    • says:

      I take it with me on vacations,too. It’s such a big part of my day, especially my mornings. Cup of coffee and my laptop is how I wake up!

  2. The world of social media has changed the lives of writers everywhere. We can make genre-specific associations, follow reviewers and influencers who target your audience, and cross-promote with other authors. It’s very exciting!

  3. No doubt, computers have infiltrated and changed virtually every aspect of our lives. Some in negative ways, but mostly in positive ones. It’s difficult to imagine life before the Internet and computers. Did I really type high school and college papers on a typewriter? No spell check? No backspace and delete keys? Oh, the horror.

    • says:

      Every business, art, etc, has those who are lazy and those who try to do their best. The marketplace is the judge. I don’t like to hear “All Indie authors make a lot of mistakes,” any more than I like to hear, “All (insert any segment of society here) are (insert whatever ridiculous assumption here). Very narrow minded thinking.

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