21 thoughts on “Rosewood Series—Book 2

  1. Gloria Larson Godtel says:

    I am excited that you finished the 2nd book. 🙂 I seriously couldn’t put the 1st one down. Then I loaned it to my assistant, the next morning she thanked me {cough, cough} for loaning it to her. She stayed up late reading it. Then I loaned it to one of my sisters.

    • ginabarlean@gmail.com says:

      This last book felt like it took a long time to write. They cook in my head and this year a bunch of them came together.

  2. congratulations Gina. I wish I were as prolific as you. I’ll be glad to get this trilogy out of the way so I can get back to my more contemporary character and not get bogged down with so much RESEARCH. I’ll let your uberfan her in North Platte you have another book coming out.

  3. Yea for you! I’m excited to have a great new book to read next year from you. I love the idea of having different Thorns as the lead character in the next books. Enjoy editing! I quite like that part–it’s the hashing out the first draft that kills me–so congratulations that you’re still alive!

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