Shhhhh. It’s only on Amazon.

I’m going to whisper this quietly into cyberspace.

My book, Flames of Rosewood, is now live on Amazon.

Why am I whispering? Because it’s only on Amazon. Nook won’t accept my cover as it is so I’m waiting for a new cover. I haven’t formatted it for Smashwords, so it isn’t on Sony or iBook or anywhere else. And I haven’t even begun to get it ready for a print copy.

Considering all of those things, I’m not really ready to launch this book, but if you are one of the few people who read this blog, you get to know about the Amazon launch first. And, if for some reason you read it and feel inclined to leave a decent review, I’d be ever so much obliged. Reviews sell books, so if I could glean a few before my hard launch, it would be delightful.

So, you can whisper this to friends who have Kindles or Kindle aps on their computers or iPads or phones. Nook and other e-reader users must wait. Print copy folks must wait even longer. I’ll jump up and down more when it’s all ready to roll.

Until then, some of you who are interested can get a first peek.

19 thoughts on “Shhhhh. It’s only on Amazon.

  1. Janet Waldron says:

    I have a Nook so since it was Amazon couldn’t get the book so order from Nook becaused it sounded so interesting. Ordered both books. First one complete and starting on book 2.
    Book 3???

    • says:

      I’m working on it. I have a different one that will hopefully come out next years some time first, though. So glad you enjoyed the books!

  2. Just downloaded it! Punch me in another 10 days if you don’t hear from me. I want to review this for you, but I’m in the midst of edits/arcs/new novel.

  3. That’s wonderful. Congratulations! I just downloaded a copy. Best of luck with the launch. I’ll wait to share the info on Twitter until you’re more ready to spread the news. 🙂

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