Thorns and Flames

Thorns-smallerSo, I wrote Thorns of Rosewood and published it in March 2014. I’ve gotten some nice reviews. Even Publishers Weekly has chimed in with a decent review. I’ve sold a few thousand books. I’m a happy little writer.

I am diligently working on book 2 in the series and it’s developing right before my very eyes. I love it when that happens. A writer starts with a plan and then the characters take off at a run and steal the show away from you. I love it when those little buggers do that.

Recently in book 2, I found that the nasty woman, Naomi, from book 1 just kept rearing her ugly head. That woman just won’t go away! I knew book 2 would be about fire, and it is, but somewhere along the line my characters just couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. The story has turned into various forms of fire… playing with fire, setting fire, putting fires out, and particularly, old flames.

So there ya have it. I’ve been struggling over the book’s title for about five months. Rosewood on Fire. Embers of Rosewood. Burning Rosewood. All interesting ideas. But the winner is:


It fits. I like it. And I can almost see the cover.

I’m getting excited about this story! Even I don’t quite know how it’s going to end. Yup. It’s always a surprise to me, too. I have a sloppy outline, but by golly, if my characters get a better idea, I’m behind them 100%.

Oh, and by the way… Thorns of Rosewood just happens to be .99 now and will only be that price for a short while longer. Buy it now so you’ll be ready for Old Flames of Rosewood in March, 2015!

One more thing. Thank you Deb Carlin for promoting my book this past week. Such a cool website you have over at!

11 thoughts on “Thorns and Flames

  1. Gina, remember Sue (Laura Landon) She said once of her characters, “I’ll be writing along and one of them will do something, and I’ll think, ‘Gasp. You weren’t supposed to do that.’ ” Those moments make a story stronger. And, ditto on Hope’s title suggestion.

    Can’t wait for the new book to come out 😀

  2. Athol Nicol says:

    Please drop the “OLD” in Book 2 of Thorns of Rosewood. OLD seems counter intuitive & boring – it just would not do justice to the book. Flames is better. Almost anything rather than OLD. Good luck & thanks for entertaining us with some of the best writing I have ever enjoyed.

    • says:

      Haha. Well, I can’t ignore these thoughts. You know, it is a cliche too, so probably best to drop the old. I’m glad you enjoy the books. These kind of comments keep me writing!

    • says:

      I think you’re right and other agree. Flames of Rosewood it is.
      I have been putting the content into Scrivener and boy does it convert a book to epub slick. No more nasty issues with conversion, I hope!

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