Happy Halloween!

It’s the last week of October—almost time for Halloween. I know this because when shopping in Omaha yesterday I enjoyed watching dozens of tiny princesses and, oddly enough, what I’m fairly sure were some kind of Game of Thrones characters. Not sure. They had fur vests and hammers. Shrug.

Regardless, I promised one free short story per week in October and this is the last one.

I love this story. I’ve been working on it for a couple of years. The characters in this spooky tale are created from dear friends in my writing group. I know a lot of characters, but the women in my writing group have my back like no other and they’ve proved it over and over again.

So, enjoy the final free story in my Letting the Scary Things Out series.

goodwillCome With Goodwill free as a PDF: Come With Goodwill

Come With Goodwill Free on Smashwords: htpp://www.smashwords.com/books/view/488008



And if you haven’t already read the other free stories:

gardenercoverThe Consummate Gardener





DOORoldBeyond the Door





WITHOUTWithout You

Week Three — Letting the Scary Things Out…

I’ve been giving you some free tastes of my writing. The essays here on my blog are normally sweet. You can read a collection of them in the book, Moments of Clarity. But my other books can be… let’s say… a tad dark. So, take the opportunity to read the freebies I’m posting during the month of October. Then you won’t be hauntingly horrified when you read my novels. I would say my brand is a cat. Soft and cuddly with fangs and claws. I’m diverse like that.

So far, you’ve sampled the stories, The Consummate Gardener, and Beyond the Door. They should have given you a bit of a shiver. Now you can nibble on this next story: Without You. I hope you have a frightening read!

Here are your options:

Read the short story here as a PDF:  Without You

You can go to Smashwords and download whatever works for your e-reader, Kindle, Nook, PDF, etc. Click Here: Without You

WEEK TWO—Letting the Scary Things Out…

I promised to let the scary things out in October and I’m good for my word. Beyond the Door is the free short story for week two. Same cover, different tint. Last one was blue, this one is green.

Here are your options:

You can download the HTML and read it FREE online. Click here: Beyond the Door.

You can go to Smashwords and download whatever works for your e-reader, Kindle, Nook, PDF, etc. Click Here: Beyond the Door

This short story is one I wrote last year and originally made as a podcast. You may have listened to it right here on my blog. But, I have rewritten it and ran it past some critique partners and a editor to make sure it came up to snuff.

So, read it if you dare! Maybe not before bed. Or if you want to be up all night, go for it! Read it by candle light in a haunted house during an electrical storm. Your call!



Letting the Scary Things Out…

It’s October and that means time for Halloween. Scary stories. Ghosts and goblins and stuff that goes bump in the night.


When I was in grade school, one of the first scary books I ever read was Alfred Hitchcock’s, Stories Not for the Nervous. I loved every one of those short terror inducing tales. I’m guessing his work, along with a few too many episodes of Creature Feature and Dr. Sanguinary, may have influenced my writing. Certainly, it influenced my taste in reading.

In light of my dark taste in fiction, this month I’m going to embrace scary stories. I am determined to give my readers one story a week that will make them shiver, swallow hard, or at minimum glance around the room nervously. Read them in the dark, right before you go to sleep, if you need to stay up all night.

So, here is the first of four short stories I’ve written for the OCTOBER holiday of Halloween. Click the links below to read the story as a PDF on your computer. I will also try to put these stories free on Smashwords by the end of the month so you can upload them to your Kindle or Nook.

It’s time to let the scary things out!

gardenercoverDownload this link for a PDF: The Consummate Gardener

Enjoy this story if you dare!!

Thanks to Brenda Lenz and Kathy Foucher for your critiques and edits. Thank you to Victorine Lieske for the image used on the cover.