Diets, Boundaries, and Blooming

Eating Right: Regular food hates me. I wasn’t aware of that until yesterday. My son came home and brought a friend. For them, I made lasagna, garlic bread,  a salad, cherry pie and ice cream. It was all yummy, but my system practically ejected it upon impact. I won’t bother you with any more details than that, but let’s just say I won’t have ice cream, pie, or large quantities of salad dressing or cheese again anytime soon.  My husband and I haven’t actually been following any specific diet plan, but we’re avoiding carbs (not eliminating, just not thinking every meal must include  a roll or potato), we’re avoiding refined white sugar and using organic raw honey, cane sugar and molasses instead, and we’re avoiding processed foods. So, whole foods, essentially. Plenty of fruit, vegetables, and lean meats (in smaller quantities.) So far I’ve lost nine pounds. I seem to steadily lose two pounds a week. The biggest payoff is I feel better, and  the way my system acted yesterday, I had no idea how yucky I felt before! To enforce my desire to continue eating well, I just made the double batch of granola you see above.

Pushing  Boundaries: Is it always a good idea to color outside the lines? I like to try different things and I’m not afraid to embrace unique ideas. I’m beginning to delve into researching how to push writing boundaries. I don’t know much yet, but I’m curious. What ideas do you as a reader (or writer) have about how to push boundaries in writing? What does it mean to you, or do you feel as though you’ve done it in the past?

Bloom Where You’re Planted: If we visit a writing group and it isn’t for us, is it a waste of our time? I suppose so if we’re only in it for what we can get out of it. But let’s consider what we can put into the groups we visit. Any group. Writing groups, classes, conferences, church… take your pick. Maybe we’re there, not to bathe in the light of new knowledge, but to provide a light for someone else. They say teaching is the best way to really learn something. I think that’s true. I also think if you find you can’t “bloom” where you are, uproot yourself and go to another garden. Maybe this is where I push my boundaries. All I know is I do not plan to push dietary boundaries more than I have to!

Platte River Sampler


If you go to this URL: , it will take you to the website for the radio station, KZUM, a non-commercial, non-profit, listener sponsored community radio station.  You’ll find it at 89.3 MHz on the FM band. KZUM features an evening radio program called, “The Platte River Sampler.” It offers writings and readings from the state of Nebraska, and it airs every Thursday, 6-7 p.m. You’ll hear everything from original prose, poetry, drama, songwriting and more, all from Nebraska and often delivered by the authors themselves.

If you go to the website you’ll find out Nebraska artists can submit your own works. I submitted a beginning portion of my book Thorns of Rosewood, and last night it aired. It was quite a bit of fun hearing someone read my words, and although it made me nervous, I will say it was also fun to be interviewed. I don’t think I sounded like too much of a goofball, so I’m breathing a sigh of relief.

Here is the MP3 of the actual story. It takes 11:20 minutes to listen to and I will say, it’s been cut and doesn’t read exactly as my book reads. You’ll get the general idea of the story, though.

Below is the MP3 of the interview. This has also been cut and only takes 3:28 minutes to listen to. I am thankful to KZUM for eliminating all the drivel and making me sound like a relatively normal human being.

Enjoy listening, and enter your own short works if you’ve a mind to. It’s free and it’s painless. Support the arts in Nebraska! Thank you KZUM for what you offer writers of all varieties!

Oh! And if you want to buy Thorns of Rosewood, that would be cool. Share this blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more if you would be so kind! Thorns of Rosewood is now .99 cents. Book 2, Flames of Rosewood will be coming out in March!

Treating Myself Better

Just like every 365 days, it is once again a new year. 2015, here we all come. Ready or not. And just like every January I am thinking about being healthier. Treating myself better. My daughter has set out to lose weight by doing a sugar cleanse. My son tells me he’s working out and is talking about cutting back on fast foods. Friends talk about cutting carbs and calories. So, I’ll make my efforts and maybe, just maybe, this year I’ll stick to some of the healthy eating habits I try to adopt. My goal is to actually think about what I put in my mouth and to make an effort not to indulge my every food whim.

I read a blog about additives and processing of food here in America that other countries consider unacceptable. I have a friend who lives in France because she simply can’t achieve health while living here and being subjected to processed and commercially grown foods. Here’s the blog post if you’re interested. Beware. It may cause paranoia, and rightly so. Formaldehyde in milk and meat? Good Lord. That might be enough reason to consider a vegan diet. It would be a stretch, though, for this meat lover.

My daughter tells me I need to watch a documentary called Fed Up . It was a game-changer for her. She’s journaling her process on this blogsite. I’m not sure I have the guts to watch the show. Maybe you’ll watch it for me and tell me all about it. I know what I need to do to live healthier without watching shows that scare me. I need to eat less, move more, and think about what I’m putting in my body.

So, I will eat more fish, more chicken, more vegetables, more fruit, and if I eat carbs, I’ll try to choose whole grains. Desserts, potato chips, and fried food will become things I avoid, or only have on occasion. I’ll go with the idea of all things in moderation. I’m going to try my best to land on the common sense side of the fence when it comes to my health.

Wish me luck. I’m off to make some Red Beans and Quinoa.