Potential Stories

It’s time for me to move on, but I’m stuck. Quagmired in my vacation. My brain keeps recalling little things, preventing me from doing big things. Real things. Like laundry, making meals, cleaning things. Writing my book. Writing the next book. Balancing my checkbook. So I’ll write down the little things and hope it will be like facing fears… If I deal with it, then I might be able to get on with it. Because, seriously, I have things to do!

So, here are the little things that I think are little scenes or stories I’ll always remember and may like to tell.

  • The bird in the breadbox.
  • Biduie spanks the cat.
  • Singing, “Oh, Champs Elysees.”
  • The man with the green scarf.
  • The Birds liked Eric Clapton.
  • Drinking in the dark.
  • Mis-using French. Au Revoir means goodbye, not hello.
  • Twisting the nose.
  • Viola!
  •  Three valium and the last plane ride.
  • Madame Marchand.

Now, we’ll see if there’s a story in any of these tidbits. Let me know if one, in particular, sparks your interest.


On Flying


For many years, I refused to fly. Yes. I’m one of those people. Flying is something I dread. Fear, actually. Oh, let’s face it. Here’s the truth. Every time I get on a plane, I assume I’m going to die.

For as many years as I’ve been afraid of flying, people have laughed at me and said, “Why?” or “Oh, I LOVE flying!” or the good old standard, “More people die in car accidents than in plane crashes!”

None of these quips are a comfort to me. You might as well be talking to a liberal democrat, saying, “No, seriously. Right wing republicans have some good points!” Neither those democrats nor me, in regard to flying, are going to just stop, and say, “Oh. Okay! I hadn’t thought of that.”

Back to that deep soul wrenching thought I might die… today by the way… I’m getting on a plane to Paris this evening.

Yup. Flying across the ocean. Gulp.

The question begs answering. What if I did… you know… leave this cruel world?

Alas… adieu.

(How morbid! How draconian! Bobby McFerrin would say, “don’t bring everybody down like this.”) Well, hang in there, kids. I’m not just playing at theatrics. I’ve got a point to make.

In the idea I am about to face my demise, here are my parting thoughts. They are streamlined. There are only two things I would credit in my life. God, and my husband. Everything else in my world falls under one of those two categories. Children, family, friends, health, home, experiences, beauty, love. Essentially, God gives me everything, including my husband, and my husband is really the only relationship I need to keep healthy. Everything falls right into place after that.

I’ve got a strong faith and can’t imagine life without it. And I have a very good… the perfect one for me… husband. Really, I don’t think anything else matters. All I ever need to do in this life is to keep those two at the forefront of my mind and all else will be what it will be. That knowledge makes me smile. I’m so glad I have finally become old and wise enough to know these things. And knowing this really does put my mind at ease. That and a nice little pill for relaxing and a glass of wine.

So, fears – I’ll keep facing them.

Delta Airlines? Treat me well. S’il vous plait.

Paris France? Be kind to this American. Merci, beaucoup.

C’est la vie. Au revoir. The next I write will be all about this new land I’m about to meet and friends with whom I’m going to have adventures. Tres Bien.

When Women Roam

I looked at the date this morning and squealed. I leave for France in 13 days. OMG!

Beverly Teche, a member of my writing group, came home from France to visit last fall. We all talked about how awesome it would be to go visit her in her little French village, Fresnay. Then Dee Schmid said, “I think I’d actually like to go!” (She used to live in France and can speak French.) I said, “I want to go too, but I’m sure I can’t.” “Why not?” Bev asked. And that’s where this ball started rolling.

Why not? Not often do opportunities like this come along. I’m going to get to experience France with one friend who lives there and another who used to live there. Both speak French very well. I’ll have two French-speaking tour guides! It’s sort of a no-brainer.

So, to record this wonderful excursion, Bev, Dee and I will post to a dedicated blog so friends and family can see pictures and read about the places we go. Each of us will add our own thoughts and pictures. I’m looking forward to the writing almost as much as time with friends and the sights, sounds and smells we’ll see.

The blog site is pretty and will be filled with our pictures and thoughts about this grand excursion! The blog is titled, When Women Roam. We each wrote our thoughts on travel. I hope you’ll visit the site! Merci, beaucoup!