The Internet is Awesome?

145Have you ever checked your search history? Last Saturday night it occurred to me that I had really crammed a lot of information into my brain over the weekend, so I checked to see exactly what I’d researched.

Here was one weird afternoon and evening for me: I looked up the lyrics of several songs by Meatloaf. Not a singer I enjoy, but we have been invited to go to the concert coming up on April 1st, and I wanted to reacquaint myself with the songs. Check and see if maybe I could find a new appreciation for them. Nope. But, I’m still really looking forward to going. (I’ll take earplugs.)

Somehow that led me to a youtube video of Iggy Pop. He has a new song out called Gardenia. Watched that. Thought it stunk. I then searched what in the world he sang back in the day. Wild One, Passenger... songs I’m familiar with and don’t mind. But oh, the videos of him performing live. Yikes. Yikes and Ew. He really doesn’t like clothing.

Then I stumbled onto Jim Morrison. Must have been on Youtube. I enjoyed remembering how handsome he was and listening to Doors songs. I really like the Doors. Their music IS that era. But again, the videos—I didn’t love those. I watched him doing what he called Shaman dancing, and oddly enough, it was pretty darned reminiscent of what Iggy Pop did. Thought that was weird. I figure they maybe did some of the same kinds of drugs. I ended up watching a documentary about Morrison. He was a case of being a creative genius. He couldn’t get out of his own head. Drugs killed him, but I think the darkness in his mind led him to that end.

I searched the Zika virus and it has me troubled. Mosquitos, the filthy little blood suckers, are once again spreading disease. I looked at how to make a facebook page serve as a website. Felt fairly apathetic about what I found there. Researched the movie, The Revenant. The meaning of the word Revenant. The actual history of Hugh Glass, the man the movie is about. Tried to figure out how to create a Wikipedia page. Decided that was a project I’d have to save for when I had more time. Stumbled on an essay by an author I’ve heard of. Read it. It was nasty. Tried to wash it off my eyeballs, but it’s stuck in my brain. Very unfortunate. For Lord knows what reason, I looked up Dutch names and found some to be pretty likable. Might have to call one of my cats Coen or Hans. Read about the differences between Indo-European and Germanic languages. Tried once again to commit to memory all of the countries in Asia. Didn’t work…once again.

AND after I crammed all of that additional knowledge into my brain, I ended up liking stuff on Facebook, watching a few cat videos, and playing solitaire. All the wisdom of the world at my fingertips, and that’s what I do with my down time. And now I can’t figure out which of the opposite ends of the spectrum were actually a bigger waste of my time! Oh, and here is my very favorite cat video. Makes me laugh every time.



On New Years Eve, we were with a group of friends playing the game, Apples to Apples. The game involves cards with a word, and below the word, there are examples of the word’s meaning. This game made me think about how many nuances a word can have in its meaning.

For instance, the word Resolution, by one of its definitions, means to decide to do, or not do something. This is the kind of resolution many of us are making now that it’s the beginning of a new year.

Resolution can also mean, the action of solving a problem—similar to the first meaning, yet a little different.  In Physics, resolution can mean the conversion of something abstract into another form. Yet another definition for resolution is, the degree of detail visible in a photographic or television image.

That last definition is the one I think of, because as a kid when the TV screen went wonky, it was always me who sat in front of it, turning the different knobs for color, contrast, or tint. The various knobs controlled the ultimate resolution of the picture we saw. How clear or steady it was.

In the end, it’s how I adjust my picture that will truly improve the show that is my life. True, first I need to say, “Hey… I want a clearer picture!” But before I can resolve my static, I have to figure out what knobs to adjust. So it’s ineffective to just focus on the end result I want to achieve. I need to figure out how to come to the solution. I need to adjust my set.

I think I’m going to fuss with the knob to adjust for more time writing and less time talking about it. The one for more time cleaning and less time complaining about my house being dirty. And especially, I want to adjust the knob for more time thinking about others instead of myself. Yes. That’s the one I need to fiddle with the most.

There is an awful lot of static out there in the world right now. I can’t fix all of that… but I can certainly adjust my own set.