As Much as I Want to Breathe

Today I presented a program to a neighboring community’s Rotary Club. Civic clubs are often comprised of business professionals, and they are a pleasure to speak to as they are good listeners and appreciative of other’s efforts. I’m becoming more comfortable speaking in front of groups. It’s a great opportunity to network, meet new friends, and gain new readers.

Civic organizations often focus on students of area schools. This club, the Schuyler Rotary Club, has a student of the week, as does my home town’s club. Today’s student was a Latino young man named Victor.

Victor took his moment at the microphone to talk about his interests and to thank the group for choosing him as the student of the week. It was easy to admire this young man who was humble and grateful. His interests were in creativity and the arts. It sounded as though he had discovered his love for creating things, and as a creative person, I could relate.

One thing he said made a huge impact. He spoke from the heart when he said, “If someone held me underwater and I wanted more than anything to take a breath of air… that’s how much I want to create things—as much as I want to breathe.”


That’s the kind of passion I wish for every young person looking to choose a career. I want that kind of passion and clear desire in what I do. And from the mouth of a young and first generation citizen of our country—like my grandparents and great grandparents were—I want great ideas and words such as his to be heard.

Way to go Rotary. Way to go Victor. I’m glad I got to meet him and hear a new way to think about passion for creativity. Every moment really is an opportunity to learn something new, and we really never know where new knowledge will come from.

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  1. As so often happens, we underestimate our youth. Our media focuses on the Justins and the Mileys and so on. Meanwhile, there are so many passionate, goal-oriented youths out there who so often don’t get the attention. Nice to see Victor get his. 🙂

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