COMMUNICATION TIPS—Timing is Everything

logoDo you want people to actually read your emails, newsletters, or posts? Yeah. Me too! But how can we do a better job at sharing news on all the social networks in our platform? Here are some tips I picked up in a class, Email Marketing For Success taught by Matt Plapp of Constant Contact.


  • Don’t flood social networks with the same piece of information all at once“I have a book for sale at a discounted price!!” Don’t send that message out on your blog, Facebook pages, Twitter, Tumbler, LinkedIn and by Email, all at the same time. Do the blog page one day, FB a different time of day, Twitter maybe the next day, etc. Odds are many of the same people get all the same information. It’s best to give repeat feeds at different times so they remind readers, not irritate them.
  • Send out emails when you actually want people to read them and when your target readers are ready to read them. If you write and publish your blog at two a.m., not many people are awake to read it. By the time they are, maybe four in the afternoon for example, your blog post is buried and will have many other posts or emails to compete with. Write your post or email whenever you want, but send it when your target audience is ready to read it. By the way, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays after 9 a.m. is the best time to send emails and newsletters.
  • Make sure the subject lines of your emails get the readers attention. Remember, you may be competing with dozens of other emails for a Attention_Grabbing_Ways_to_Open_Blog_Postssmall amount of the reader’s time. They have twenty emails to read in 10 minutes. Your email subject line says, August Newsletter. The reader thinks, I will read this later because it will take a long time. Guess what. They never read it because when they get home they have to eat supper, take the kids to a ballgame, clean the garage, etc… by nine o’clock when they are ready to look at your newsletter, they have thirty more emails to look at and one of them is about fantasy football and another is a joke… your August Newsletter loses again. Free Book Today ONLY!! might be a better subject line, or whatever call to action your clever brain can come up with.
  • Keep all emails short. Like—very short. No more than three short paragraphs. If you have more information about the topics in each paragraph, add a link the reader can go to for more information. Oh, and put hyperlink to the actual link title instead of a picture. Matt’s studies showed people were more likely to click a hyperlink of a title instead of a picture. Also, don’t forget to put your main points above the scroll line. Remember, people are reading this information on their phones as likely as they are on full screens.

So there ya go—just a few tips I learned about Email Marketing. Thought I’d share them with you!

3 thoughts on “COMMUNICATION TIPS—Timing is Everything

  1. These are great tips. Thank you!

    I don’t send out emails (although some blog readers choose to get one when a post goes up), and I’m still not sure how I feel about authors sending out newsletters by email. When I receive newsletters from people–whether it be authors, businesses, or others–I have to admit I don’t tend to read them. As you point out, maybe if they had a more specific subject title I might. Good ideas to keep in mind.

    • says:

      I don’t use email very often either and agree with you about newsletters. I’m just not sure how I feel about them. But, I’ll try to apply the information to my blog posts and other promotion. It was a good class. I can usually appreciate common sense stuff.

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