Diets, Boundaries, and Blooming

Eating Right: Regular food hates me. I wasn’t aware of that until yesterday. My son came home and brought a friend. For them, I made lasagna, garlic bread,  a salad, cherry pie and ice cream. It was all yummy, but my system practically ejected it upon impact. I won’t bother you with any more details than that, but let’s just say I won’t have ice cream, pie, or large quantities of salad dressing or cheese again anytime soon.  My husband and I haven’t actually been following any specific diet plan, but we’re avoiding carbs (not eliminating, just not thinking every meal must include  a roll or potato), we’re avoiding refined white sugar and using organic raw honey, cane sugar and molasses instead, and we’re avoiding processed foods. So, whole foods, essentially. Plenty of fruit, vegetables, and lean meats (in smaller quantities.) So far I’ve lost nine pounds. I seem to steadily lose two pounds a week. The biggest payoff is I feel better, and  the way my system acted yesterday, I had no idea how yucky I felt before! To enforce my desire to continue eating well, I just made the double batch of granola you see above.

Pushing  Boundaries: Is it always a good idea to color outside the lines? I like to try different things and I’m not afraid to embrace unique ideas. I’m beginning to delve into researching how to push writing boundaries. I don’t know much yet, but I’m curious. What ideas do you as a reader (or writer) have about how to push boundaries in writing? What does it mean to you, or do you feel as though you’ve done it in the past?

Bloom Where You’re Planted: If we visit a writing group and it isn’t for us, is it a waste of our time? I suppose so if we’re only in it for what we can get out of it. But let’s consider what we can put into the groups we visit. Any group. Writing groups, classes, conferences, church… take your pick. Maybe we’re there, not to bathe in the light of new knowledge, but to provide a light for someone else. They say teaching is the best way to really learn something. I think that’s true. I also think if you find you can’t “bloom” where you are, uproot yourself and go to another garden. Maybe this is where I push my boundaries. All I know is I do not plan to push dietary boundaries more than I have to!

12 thoughts on “Diets, Boundaries, and Blooming

  1. Annette says:

    I’m trying again. I don’t think my comment showed up before. Anyway, to this DAY I remember that granola you fixed to take with us when we went to see Guy Clark in Kansas City. It was absolutely DELICIOUS. I’d never had granola before. :o) Now I fix it to send to Mom and Daddy every now and then. I remember thinking when we had yours, Daddy would LOVE this. :o)

  2. Annette says:

    To this day I remember HOW GOOD that granola was that you fixed to take with us when we went to see Guy Clark in Kansas City. I’d never had granola before. It was absolutely delicious. :o)

    • says:

      Thanks, Annette. I forgot about that. I also forgot Guy Clark was at that concert. I remember Lyle Lovet. That was a really good one. Great memory!!

  3. Congrats on the healthier eating. It does feel good to eat better and lose those pounds. I can exercise so much easier now without the knee and hip pain I had before. So worth it!

    I think pushing boundaries in writing for me is just marketing what I have, which gives me hives thinking about it. Ick.

  4. lucy adkins says:

    Great blog, Gina! Congratulations on your healthy eating plan and the results you are seeing. That is wonderful and inspiring. And you’re right about pushing new boundaries. Lately I’ve been reading short stories and trying my hand at writing them. I’ve always thought they are a strange animal–and didn’t know how to start to go about it. I still don’t, but I’m seeing what happens. So far, I like it!

    • says:

      That’s great to hear, Lucy. I think when I dabble at poetry or even poetic wording, I’m testing my writing boundaries.

  5. Congrats on the healthier eating habits. It’s interesting how when we finally eliminate something, we wonder why we ever ate it in the first place. I should do this with sugar, but I can’t seem to get there yet. Not sure if I ever will, but at least I have no trouble saying no to fried or fatty stuff. And I gave up red meat long ago, so I figure I have those two bases covered. 🙂

    Not sure if I’ve pushed any boundaries in writing yet, but I continually strive to improve. I suppose that’s boundary-pushing in its own right.

    • says:

      See, I’m not sure I’ve pushed boundaries either. But, I want to think about it… kind of play with it like a cat toys with a mouse.

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