Feed the Good Dog

Look Up: I watched a segment about Neil deGrasse Tyson on 60 Minutes last night. I loved his energy and excitement for astrophysics, for his work, for life. He talked about how when he steps outside at night he still looks up and is amazed. That’s how we should see life, isn’t it? Looking up in wonder and awe of it all—like a child.

Look Down: Yet, I’d say there’s something to be said for looking down. One can’t walk around with their “head in the clouds” all the time. We people who live on the farm know we must look down when we walk or we may just step in something nasty. We must have a grip on reality, and a practical human acceptance of our own flaws… be humble.

Look Around: And we mustn’t forget to look around. We are surrounded by people who need help, need love, need support. Yes, every one of us. Even those we don’t agree with. We’re all in this together, aren’t we? And as they say, none of us are getting out alive.

Every day I see people who are working so hard to be of good use to those around them. I live in a community that buzzes like a full hive of bees, many people volunteering to make good things happen for all of us. There really is good in this world.

And, yes… there is bad, too. The news is a hard pill to swallow with senseless shootings and electoral mud-slinging, natural disasters and the constant threat of terror and global warming. If I focus my attention there, it is a heavy-weight I put on my own shoulders. I can only shrug it away if I choose to stop to look up in awe, look down in humility and look around to see what small thing I can do to be of use.

You’ve probably heard the story about there being a good dog and a bad dog fighting in all of us. The dog who wins is the one you feed the most. We can choose to feed the good dog.

So, put good thoughts out to the universe. Let being a positive influence become a habit. I hope you get an opportunity to look up and see the stars this week. Or maybe the fireflies. Or someone doing something great for others. Feed the good dog.

12 thoughts on “Feed the Good Dog

  1. Love it, and why would you want to feed the bad dog anyway? He’ll just bite your hand off eventually. There is so much good in the world. The media doesn’t usually focus on that, but it’s there.

    • ginabarlean@gmail.com says:

      I know we can’t put our heads in the sand. There are ugly things in the world. But good has to win over evil in the end. We can surely be a part of spreading good vibes.

  2. I love this post! Feeding the good dog is so important to our health and wellbeing. I notice the energy level goes way up when we focus on the positive, and we get so much more done.

  3. I like using this fable in my work with others. I’ve heard in reference to wolves and bears. Regarding the news, and I lump in social media and gossip, I usually suggest limiting exposure. It twists our thinking and make the world seem darker and scarier than it actually is. Our brains don’t totally get that the tragedy on a 24 hour loop is only one incident. It kind of keeps a running tally and pretty quick we see more bad than good.
    Bit of a ramble. Very good article and good reminder to be considerate of which perspective we choose to have.

    • ginabarlean@gmail.com says:

      Excellent point about the loop. One afternoon I watched Pharrell Williams’ 24 hour channel of Happy. Some days you need it. I just think about everything being energy. All of us are part of one big explosion of energy. More of us need to create positive energy to balance out the bad, it seems.

  4. “We can choose to feed the good dog.”—I love that. Such a simple statement, but one that puts the power in our hands.

    Wonderful post. I need to remember to look up and around more. I think I already do plenty of looking down. I’m an introvert lost in her own thoughts, after all. 🙂

    • ginabarlean@gmail.com says:

      I heard the tale of feeding the good dog a couple years ago and it really made sense to me. Glad you liked it.

  5. What an inspiring blog, Gina! Thank you. I’ve never heard the saying, “Feed the good dog.” It resonates with me, and the photo of your dog is very cute.

    • ginabarlean@gmail.com says:

      Watching the news is always such a downer. Positive energy could conquer problems. I’m sure of it.

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