Potential Stories

It’s time for me to move on, but I’m stuck. Quagmired in my vacation. My brain keeps recalling little things, preventing me from doing big things. Real things. Like laundry, making meals, cleaning things. Writing my book. Writing the next book. Balancing my checkbook. So I’ll write down the little things and hope it will be like facing fears… If I deal with it, then I might be able to get on with it. Because, seriously, I have things to do!

So, here are the little things that I think are little scenes or stories I’ll always remember and may like to tell.

  • The bird in the breadbox.
  • Biduie spanks the cat.
  • Singing, “Oh, Champs Elysees.”
  • The man with the green scarf.
  • The Birds liked Eric Clapton.
  • Drinking in the dark.
  • Mis-using French. Au Revoir means goodbye, not hello.
  • Twisting the nose.
  • Viola!
  •  Three valium and the last plane ride.
  • Madame Marchand.

Now, we’ll see if there’s a story in any of these tidbits. Let me know if one, in particular, sparks your interest.


13 thoughts on “Potential Stories

  1. What a cool picture! Yeah, I definitely see him as a character in a future book of yours. I hope you’re all settled back into normal life with sweet dreams about your French vacation. Wow! Just writing French vacation sounds so romantic and cool.

    • ginabarlean@gmail.com says:

      Doesn’t it! It was an experience I’ll think about for the rest of my life. But, very glad to be home.

  2. Maybe because of the picture, I like “Man in the Green Scarf,” too. I think the man resembles the elder George Bush in his younger years as president. “Bird in the Breadbox” makes me think of Faye Dean! Maybe there is a scene for your story there. They all sound interesting and I look forward to reading about them.

  3. Lucy Adkins says:

    How wise to jot down story ideas! I especially want to hear the one about the man in the green scarf!

  4. Drinking in the dark certainly grabs my attention, as does the man with the green scarf. Hmm, perhaps the two could be linked. Might be some mystery there. 🙂

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