Short Story Contest at Indie Book Trailers & More, Sponsored by Funds for Writers

Think Jekyll and Hyde; The Shining; Spock and Captain Kirk.  And let’s not forget about The Incredible Hulk.

Duality. That’s the theme for the Indie Book Trailers & More Summer Short Story Contest. Light and dark, big and little, sun and moon, good and bad, happy and sad, yin and yang, etc…

Get more information about the writing contest at the website. Only ten entrants will qualify, so hurry and get your story submitted. $10 entry fee, $150 prize, plus publication of the story on the website.

It’s not a big contest, but it is focused and worth your time. The contest is sponsored by Indie Book Trailers, and Funds for Writers, websites with much to offer. FFW is a credible and long-standing website with 40,000 subscribers. A mention on this site is valuable in and of itself. IBT has just recently launched and is on the grow, and honored to have the support of FFW.

The deadline to enter your short story (2,500 words or less) is July 20th, 2017. The winner will be announced on August 21st.

So, why enter writing contests? Here’s a link to an article on Writer’s Digest that discusses the pros and cons. The obvious reasons are to win money, to be published, and to have bragging rights. The worries the WD article gives are valid; You should make sure the contest is on the up and up. I am the owner of IBT&M, G. M. Barlean, a published author and a member of The Nebraska Writers Guild which supports ethics and good business practices. The contest sponsor, Funds for Writers, has a time-honored website run by a well-respected author, C. Hope Clark.

As judge of the competition, you should know I have participated in many critique groups and done critique and beta reading for many authors including those who are both traditionally and independently published. But, most importantly, I’m a reader. Readers are your market. Will the average reader like your story? Buy it? Review it? One thing you can be sure of: this reader will Blog about it, tweet about it, and post it on FaceBook.

The Summer Indie Book Trailers & More, Short Story Contest, may be just the boost your writing career needs this summer. Keep honing your writing blade. Compete. Keep your work sharp and get your name out there! See you on the website, and best of luck to those who enter!


4 thoughts on “Short Story Contest at Indie Book Trailers & More, Sponsored by Funds for Writers

    • says:

      Yes, the them is Duality. I’m looking for short stories that show two different sides of something, but what that something is, is up to the author. It can be a mystery, a horror, a romance, a children’s story… but there should be a yin and yang, or some kind of opposing sides to the general idea.

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