A few things in the old brain today.

IMG_0306My first thought is about my poor cat, Poppit, who is, quite probably as I type this, having his little testicles removed by the vet. He’s going to be so angry with me when he gets home from the vet. I hope a nice can of cat food will help him forget. Yes. I will be doing my best to pamper a feline later today.

The next thought I’m entertaining is about France. I’m going there in a month. I’m excited. I’m 588px-Regions_de_França.svgnervous. I’m scared. But mostly, I can’t even begin to imagine any of it. I think it’s going to be surreal.  I need to figure out what clothes to take and I must read up on different facts about the country so I’m not completely ignorant. I’m blessed to be going with two friends who both speak French. As long as I keep my mouth shut, I might not embarrass myself too much. Note the words, “might” and “too much.” This leaves some wiggle room.

10374448_10152816308736454_3968303323509060046_nAnother thought is because I’m going to France I’m going to miss my niece’s high school graduation, and that is very sad. Miss Molly is precious to me and it really bites that this trip fell at the same time as her graduation. Both of these things are once in a lifetime events. So, I need ideas for an amazing present for this special girl. I’ll take her out to lunch the week before I leave so I can celebrate her special day.

Last on my mind is the hug-fest I attended last weekend. It was actually a writing conference, but IMG_080311139418_10152833292632143_1179165526800934718_nseriously, these people are like family to me. Yes, I learned things about writing and marketing, but the big bonus was that I reconnected with such incredibly interesting people and met a few new writers I hadn’t known before. I learned some things, too, but really, I feel like the main thing I walked away with is knowing I have found my tribe… my place in the world. I love chatting and learning and laughing with these fine friends of mine. Some of them are older than me, some younger, most smarter, but all of those I call friends touch a very special place in my heart. It doesn’t get too much better than that.


17 thoughts on “SO MANY THINGS IN MY HEAD!

  1. I was going to comment on the cat when I started reading about your upcoming trip. I’m jealous. You’ll get to see France! That’s so exciting! I hope you’ll share your experience on the blog. 🙂

    It was great to see you at the conference!

    • says:

      Same to you, Ruth!! We’re going to have a blog while we’re there. I hope I can make myself come home!

  2. Wow! Such excitement in your life. Glad you loved your writing conference. I go to one in 2 weeks and am hoping it’ll be good. And France! Wow! Can’t wait to see your pics and hear about your favorite things there. Have fun getting ready to go. All I know about France is what I sang as a kid on the playground–There’s a place in France where the ladies wear no pants–there’s a hole in the wall where the men can see it all. I guess if you find that place, you could save room in your suitcase.

    • says:

      I see London, I see France, I see Charissa’s underpants.
      Children must be fairly sure the French have panty-issues!!

  3. Carol Weber says:

    Oh, Gina, how amazing that Molly is graduating! Mark and I and the kids prayed for her every night when she was little and going through her cast thing–what a joy that proof of God’s grace is visible in how straight and tall she stands!

    And FRANCE??? That is totally cool!

    • says:

      That’s really cool, Carol. I think that was Brittany, her older sister who is at UNL now. Molly is my little baker. She and I have made kolaches together a few times. Such a beauty.
      I know! FRANCE!! I can’t believe it!

  4. Ditto Gina. The two writer’s conferences are my two social events for the year. I do other stuff with people, of course, but the conferences are the pinnacle of my calendar.

  5. Congrats on all the adventures. Finding ones tribe is amazing. Still think fondly of my first (still intending on returning) conference. Miss the feeling of homecoming.
    And condolences to Poppit.

  6. I’m so excited for you that you’re going to France. I know you’ll love it. And I have no doubt you’ll find your niece a great gift there!

    Your pictures are wonderful. You do indeed look like you found your true calling. By the way, are those green M&Ms in that jar? Oh, those little critters are my weakness.

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