Still Learning

coverLast week I took a dive into unknown waters. I asked two friends who are far smarter than I to help me figure out how to improve my website and blog, Moments of Clarity.

At the time, my site was hosted by WordPress. I had really confused things and somehow figured out how to link my domain name, GMBarlean, to the WordPress owned site. Then I proceeded to completely forget who owned my domain name. Many thanks to author, and social media guru for the Nebraska Writers Guild, Nanette Day, for helping me wade through all the techy places to figure out how to transfer my domain name to my new host, Bluehost.

Victorine Lieske, who just happens to be the president of the Nebraska Writers Guild… yeah, I go right to the top… in her totally zen and calm way, talked me down off the ledge of “I’m not smart enough to have a real website!!”

Turns out, I almost am smart enough… or at least I’m smart enough to ask the right people to help me.

So, here it is. My new website. Yes. I’m sure it will change. Yup. There are more than likely some problems I’ll need to fix. Let me know what they are. I need to figure out how to get all of my wonderful super-special followers over here to this new site. It may involve me making a phone call, so I’ll have to attempt to force myself out of introvert mode so I can do that.

Let me know what you think. Make comments at will. Tell me what isn’t working. And use the example of these great folks I know, like Victorine and Nanette… help a writer out. Pay it forward. We’re all in this boat together.

10 thoughts on “Still Learning

  1. gayle says:

    Very nice. I like the sentence “at least I’m smart enough to ask the right people to help me…” that’s a capability of a smart person!

    • says:

      Thank you! I like the calm colors and simple design, but I have a lot to learn yet with it. I attended a seminar that said your website needs to be the hub of the wheel. Everything has to come back to this hub. I’m working on it!

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