Week Three — Letting the Scary Things Out…

I’ve been giving you some free tastes of my writing. The essays here on my blog are normally sweet. You can read a collection of them in the book, Moments of Clarity. But my other books can be… let’s say… a tad dark. So, take the opportunity to read the freebies I’m posting during the month of October. Then you won’t be hauntingly horrified when you read my novels. I would say my brand is a cat. Soft and cuddly with fangs and claws. I’m diverse like that.

So far, you’ve sampled the stories, The Consummate Gardener, and Beyond the Door. They should have given you a bit of a shiver. Now you can nibble on this next story: Without You. I hope you have a frightening read!

Here are your options:

Read the short story here as a PDF:  Without You

You can go to Smashwords and download whatever works for your e-reader, Kindle, Nook, PDF, etc. Click Here: Without You

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